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Our Concept
Love for Food & People

New menu every week and open every Tuesday

Food inspiration comes from family, childhood memories, traveling, amazing or simple dinners with friends, and without you realizing your food brain is always part of your daily rhythm. We create food packed with flavors and dynamic combinations, all inspired by everyone and everything around us.

We cook all cultures, packed with flavors, herbs, spices and always fresh ingredients. For kids we can create something suited to your wishes. 

If you have any questions or like to book a table please send me a WhatsApp or call me!

WhatsApp: +31643231857

Local Number: +599 785 2267

Borscht soup

From our Lovely Guests


Arnold, Bonaire

We went without expectations.... and left with the place completely surprised and satisfied. The chef knows how to please the taste buds. Every meal is a sensation. 


Allie, Amsterdam 

Dinner Club Bonaire; What a unique, fun and delicious experience. The staff welcomed us if we were old friends and the guest around us were warm, interested and exciting. In a perfect atmosphere, we were introduced to the first of many courses. The inspiration was Colombian and vegetarian focused from a recent trip. The highlights for my palette was the roasted pumpkin and black garlic marinated tomatoes with lemon-yoghurt. It was an explosion for my taste buds! Highly recommend the experience and definitely will be back. 


Fenna, USA

“We wanted to thank you for the most amazing dinner. You are truly gifted, not only in you creativity with food but also in your presentation. Your love for food shines within you. Take care and all the best and keep cooking”

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